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Term 1 2014
 9 week Class:
Music for the Musically Uncertain FULL
Tues nights Feb 4-April 1
Offbeats Music Studio, Preston

9 Week Class:
Singer's Workshop FULL
Wed nights Feb 5-April 2
Coburg North Studio

Jams: TBA
Open Stage: TBA

Term 2 2104
10 week class:
Songwriters workshop
Tues nights 22 April-24 June

Singing for the terrified
Tues nights
22 April-24 June Offbeats

Continuing music/singing class
Coburg Studio

Jams: TBA
Open Stage: TBA

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The Musician's Accomplice is self-taught singer, award-winning songwriter, performer, adventurer, teacher, facilitator and coach Melissa Main. Her passion is making music and helping others to find their own. If you'd like to check out her unique style of folk cabaret music go to

As the Accomplice, she offers a range of services including music classes for adults, one-on-one coaching, all-in public music jams, camps, corporate inspirational events, music pathway action plans and assistance for independent musicians.

She believes everyone has the capacity to enjoy and make music. Sadly, many of us have been led to believe that music-making is the realm of the "Naturals" or the experts which makes it hard to even start learning. Melissa asks: but how do you develop skills if you don't spend any time doing it? And who came out of the womb playing the piano accordion?

She's read loads of studies that suggest that the main factors that affect our ability to sing and make music are support, beliefs, time doing it and sense of play. Not age or how musical your bones are! She writes a blog and an opinion column on these topics. Melissa feels so strongly about this that she even has a Manifesto. Click here to read it.


The Musician's Accomplice runs several adult classes during the year, usually during term time, dependent on numbers. Classes are flexible, designed to suit participants and aim to provide a fun, social, safe and supportive space to play with voice, rhythm, melody and real instruments.  Contact Melissa to ask how her classes could fit with your music needs.


Introductory classes
Singing For the Terrified:

Develop your confidence and vocal skills through play, discussions and exercises in a supportive, social, fun environment.

Music For the Musically Uncertain:
Develop your confidence, knowledge and skills in making music in a supportive, social, fun environment.

Songwriting for the Uninitiated:
Learn how to put words and music together to tell a story or convey feelings in the medium of song.

Parent music group:
Expressions of interest are being taken for a daytime music group for parents (children are welcome) held in Preston.

Skills workshops:
Amp up your Show Pony:
Develop your performance skills with Melissa (an engaging performer herself and trained drama teacher). Perfect for singer-songwriters who want to get an edge on their live shows.

Ongoing classes:
Singers/Musician's Workshop
Continue developing your music, vocal and performance skills in our ever growing music community. Work together on a musical, towards class performances, Open Mics or some other musical goal. It is easier to keep moving in such fine company! These classes are generally for people who have already attended an introductory class.

Not sure?

Try coming to one of our All-In music jams (even for absolute beginners!) and see what you think. Most classes are currently running in the Northern metro region, but if you have enough people and a venue for a class or a weekend workshop nearer to you, contact Melissa via the contact form.


The inaugural "Ain't Dead Yet" Adult Music Camp ran in January 2014 at a beautiful bush venue in Hurstbridge, Victoria.

Two days of music, fun, learning, thinking, singing, crafting, walking, eating and sleeping, it was a huge success!

The next camp is set for
June 7-9 2014.

Contact Melissa via the contact form for more information.


The Musician's Accomplice provides one-on-one or band coaching to help guide people on their musical path.

A MAP session is a focused planning session designed to send you off with a Music pathways Action Plan. For some people, this is all they need to get moving on their musical journey: we all need a bit of outside perspective and guidance sometimes, sometimes it is hard to see what to do and when to do it!

Ongoing coaching sessions can be arranged where the Accomplice will provide ongoing support (face-to-face, email or Skype) or tuition (singing, basic guitar/ukulele, performance and songwriting) over a period of time to help you stay on track with your music. Melissa can often provide referral to other types of musical tuition.

I need an Accomplice.


The Musician's Accomplice runs All-in facilitated music jams at Festivals, parties, corporate events and for the general public: perfect for beginners and the musically isolated: learn by DOING and having fun!

Below is a video of a facilitated jam with Laneway Learning in 2013. Instruments and on-the-spot tuition can provided for up to 25 participants.


Workshop & Talk 

Melissa is a skilled facilitator, speaker and leader, contact her today to enquire about developing a workshop for your needs or presenting at your event.


Sometimes it is really hard to be an independent musician. Get the Accomplice to help. Ask her how.


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