Melissa Main About

The Musician’s Accomplice


  1.   Music is a Human Right.
  2. Everyone is born with a capacity to feel, respond and make music.
  3. There is almost no such thing as being tone deaf or arrhythmic (check out this article in reference to W.A.Mathieau's Tone Deaf Choir).
  4. Play and experimentation is an important part of learning music.
  5. Music making is a collection of micro skills
  6.   Skills can be learned
  7. Everybody learns differently
  8.   As children, some people did not get the learning experiences needed to learn how to make music confidently. This does not make them unmusical.
  9. Good and Bad is a matter of taste. We shall try to refrain from using these terms in reference to our learning efforts.
  10. Making mistakes is a healthy learning habit
  11. Judging learning efforts harshly does not promote healthy learning
  12. When you judge others, you really judge yourself
  13. The more time you spend mucking around with music, the more you will develop your skills.
  14.  Music itself is INCLUSIVE and NON-JUDGMENTAL.
  15. Our aim is to provide SAFE, CHALLENGING, FUN spaces to build our INCLUSIVE, SUPPORTIVE, EXPERIENCE-FOCUSED music community.